Missional Prayer a call to action

You have an opportunity to serve the people that make up your family, church, city and world by praying with and for them. On the surface this may seem like a very small thing, but I assure you it is not small by any measure. Reflect on the words of E. M. Bounds “Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still.” As you pray, you are joining the redemptive mission of God. As you pray, and listen well, people will know you care. As you pray, you are inviting the Holy Spirit into the mix. As you pray, people might share what’s troubling their hearts and minds. As you pray, you have opportunities to apply the life-transforming gospel of Jesus to sin. As you pray, you will also be challenged and changed.

Missional prayer can and should be a part of our everyday lives. Pause right now, think about the people you can start praying with and for. Start right now by asking the Holy Spirit to bring people to mind. Below you will find practical steps to missional prayer. Please take the next month to intentionally establish new missional prayer habits. Start today.

Practical Steps to Missional Prayer
  1. Ask people “How can I pray for you?”
  2. Listen well.
  3. Pray with them and for them.
  4. Follow up with them regarding their prayer need.

Remember, you are invited by God to join His redemptive mission by caring for people through prayer. As you care for others, you don’t go it alone. You are empowered by the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. You can care for others because Jesus cared for you. He demonstrated His love and care for you by; coming to earth, living a perfect life, dying a brutal death and rising again, victorious over sin, Satan and death. The heart of missional prayer is asking the God of the universe to work in the lives of the people you see in your everyday life for their good and His glory.