Many of us find it exceedingly difficult to receive grace. We feel as though we need to earn our own way, or when we sin, pay penance for what we have done wrong. This is true in our approach to much of life, including how we relate to God and others. It’s difficult to receive grace because for much of our everyday life we have to work hard and earn what we get. In school we earn grades. On sports teams, we earn the right to be a starter. As we grow up and head into the workforce, we earn a paycheck. Pause for a moment and think about all the various ways you earn what you get. This is also how many relationships work. We earn trust, we earn respect, and in many cases we earn love. Human love has conditions. But that’s not how grace works.Continue Reading..

A Leader Worth Following
Before launching into a philosophy of leadership we must stop and define leadership. At the core there are two primary aspects of leadership. First, a leader must be worth following. Second, a leader must have followers. These foundational parts of leadership are connected. If a leader is worth following, the leader will have followers. The converse is also true. If someone claims to be a leader, but no one is willingly following, that person is not a leader though he may have a title that indicates otherwise. A leader worth following is best characterized by examining the person and work of Jesus Christ. Continue Reading..

Psalm 46 is an amazing passage. Verse ten is a particularly popular one among people that feel overwhelmed. Psalm 46:10 calls us to be still and know that God is God, sounds simple enough. Just stop whatever is stressing you and trust God. Continue Reading..