Gospel Centered Training

Everydaygospel provides pastors and ministry leaders with a theological foundation and practical system to develop and equip people within their local church to make disciples in their everyday lives. Our training can be used to coach elders, staff, small group leaders, and students as they join God’s mission empowered by the Holy Spirit. It will help leaders lovingly lead the flock God has given them as they make disciples of Jesus Christ.

As we are changed by God’s grace, we long to see others taste of the same grace. The Christian life is not about us doing the right things to please Jesus, rather it’s about us resting in his grace and serving others because we’ve been served so well by Jesus. We would love to come train you and your people to make disciples in your everyday lives. Please fill out our Training Request Form to let us know how we can serve you.

Everydaygospel Training Includes:

Intentionally Developing a Biblical Worldview & Gospel Framework of Disciple Making
Main Idea: To establish a gospel identity that impacts how we view all of life.

His People – Created in His Image
Main Idea: You are created in the image of God and so is everyone you will ever meet.

His People – Created for Community
Main Idea: You are created to live in community and so is everyone you will ever meet.

His Gospel – The Power to Save
Main Idea: We are saved from sin by the power of the gospel.

His Gospel – The Purpose of the Gospel
Main Idea: We are saved for the purpose of the gospel.

His Mission – Gathered to be Trained
Main Idea: We gather as missionaries to learn truth, experience community and be sent out.

His Mission – Trained to be Sent
Main Idea: We get to join Jesus’ mission of reconciliation as His ambassadors.

His Glory – Ponder The Wonders of God
Main Idea: We glorify God as we ponder who He is, what He has done and what He is doing.

His Glory – Publicly Proclaim the Glory of God
Main Idea: We glorify God as we proclaim who He is, what he has done and what He is doing.

Our training is interactive with each session lasts about one hour. We recommend that you start with session number one. If you’d like all the training in one package we would recommend a Friday night and most of the day on Saturday. We are willing to work with you to meet your needs.


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